So much more

than advertising

Planning – Consultancy
Design – Graphics
Part-time Management
 Coaching- Training

Logo,trucks, a website, prices, products and services; all these are part of your marketing strategy.

The competition is so fierce, neglecting your marketing is risking to stay behind.

We understand that your resources are limited but we have a solution for you.

Marketing service baskets

Designed to help you on a recurring basis, these baskets are a bank of hours that we establish according to your needs.

  • Management
  • $ 100 /M
    • Website
    • Google SEO Google
    • Social media
    • Various projects
  • Coaching
  • $ 100 /M
      • Annual planning
      • Strategic follow-up
      • Training
      • Special projects
  • Growth
  • $ 100 /M
    • Database
    • Telemarketing
    • Email campaign
    • Customer Relationship (CRM)

Let’s discuss your needs and we will define the ideal basketfor you to reap what is yours