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The architecture of a website is based on both content and container. When surfing the Web, we notice that companies have worked hard on design. The sites are attractive, full images with impressive typography, colors in harmony, attractive call-to-action buttons

On the other hand, the content, which asserts its importance these days as a fundamental center for the site, is often neglected. Aside from design, visitors seek information that should be easy to find and presented in an organized, concise, detailed and interesting way.

How to make your Web content efficient?

  • Content suited to the needs of the target audience: Customer experience inevitably involves the content of your website which shall aim at retaining the visitor, and capturing his interest. The most important thing for a business is to know its audience and to write bearing in mind that it is them we’re trying to reach.
  • The message: Thanks to the website, the content gives you the opportunity to stand out from competition and show why you are the best by clearly and simply revealing your pillars of success.
  • Content tailored toyour business: Talking about your history or chart on your site’s home page is not effective and does not help you ignite the visitor’s interest. On the other hand, demonstrating your expertise as well as the projects and challenges your company has overcome will help sales.
  • Useful, clear, concise and up-to-date content: To improve visitor’s experience, we must help him find relevant and useful information quickly. To this end, each sentence of your content must have a specific purpose.

How will the content of your website be an added value?

  • Driving traffic:Visitors seek solutions and answers to their needs. Relevant content and appropriate keywords will increase the visibility of your site, and thereby the number of visitors and your name recognition
  • Attracting visitors: You have 10 seconds to attract users and invite them to read your content. The more the content is rich in messages, images and videos the more visitors are charmed by the content,the more they are likely to take seriously your business.
  • Retaining visitors: This depends on the of the visitor’s experience. The user who finds relevant and updated informationis redirected to your site sooner or later.

Highlighting website content will help you stand out and position yourself