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To be a good leader on your team, one must have manycompetencies  and skills   and in order to be able to manage a performing and winning team.
There is no really specific description defininga leader and a clear distinction between a manager and a team leader must be made. In this respect, the role of a team leader goes beyond that of a manager.

The leader is a visionary

A leader is focused on his/her team’sperformance without neglecting people. She/he focuses on the relationships developed with the members of his/her team.

She/he plays a key role inside the teamas she/he is considered to be the nucleus and the driving force capable ofgenerating innovative ideas.

A leader has the competencies to propose, innovate and influence. He therefore establishes a vision and works to execute it with his team. A true leader, therefore, fulfils several roles;

A Facilitator

A leader is a facilitator; he makes sure to lead his team, allowing all members to realize their potential and, hence, develops collective intelligence.

Heenables members to co-develop working methods, participate in decision making and get organizedfor the implementation of actions.

As a facilitator, a leader ensures healthy connections among members and manages conflict.

A Motivator:

A leader is a motivator. It is by including his entire team that they set and reach their goals. There are several ways to encourage your team. The key is to be there when it matters, to be open to all requests, to listen and to know how to support employees who need it the most.

In order to keep members motivated, a leader expresses his appreciation to the team.Thus, in order to make a performing and motivated team, a leader should care about the development of members.

Un chef d’équipe qui fixe les objectifs, délègue, encourage et surtout donne confiance aux membres de l’équipe, réussi à les motiver.

A Communicator:

A leader relies on retroactive communication. He insists his message is well received and remembered by the members. To ensure this, a leader adopts different ways to communicate his messages to his team and validate its understanding of them.

The basis of all good communication within a team is to give members the opportunity to express themselves openly, to share their ideas, to give their point of view. The key is to create a trusting environment in which the employee can speak with ease.

Being a leader, who’s considered a role model by the members helps develop a successful team. Your leadership is fundamental to their success.
Regular and permanent work is necessary in order to be able to develop these skills in a manager. Thanks to you and to your leadership, your team will succeed in achieving its targets, adapting to change and facing challenges.


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

-John C. Maxwell-